[Resolved] Another Drag 'n' Drop Question

  • Perhaps this issue with drag and drop has been brought up here in the forums, but I didn't find anything when I searched. The results focused on dragging/dropping within Vivaldi.

    I cannot drag an URL/shortcut from my desktop or another browser (Firefox) to Vivaldi and have it opened unless I drop it on an already loaded web page. Dropping the link on browser pages (such as the Start Page) or the tab bar does not load it.

    Is this a known issues?
    Is it being worked on?
    Right now my fix is to drop it(the link) on an already loaded page in Vivaldi and then middle click on the back button to get the page back that I just overrode with the URL that I loaded.

  • @Ken-Saunders
    It should work, if you drop the link on the "New Tab" button.

  • Wicked cool. That's perfect. Thanks.

    Is there a "Solved" option somewhere for this post?

  • I wish I could drop an URL shortcut anywhere below the user interface, is way faster than aiming for the address bar.

    But dropping it on a tab is second best.

  • Moderator

    @Ken-Saunders I don't know at the moment. how long a user's editing options are being left open. You can always check whether you're allowed to edit your initial comment in the thread. If so, there's an option at the bottom left of the comment to add flags. You can add "solved" or "resolved" as a flag to the post. In this case, as I'm unsure if you're time-limited, I will edit both the title and the opening comment.

  • @Ayespy Thanks

  • @liyin GestureDown over a link is just as easy.

  • I meant dragging URL shortcuts from the desktop and dropping them anywhere below the UI to load them in current tab.

  • @liyin Drop the link onto the URL field to open in the current tab. Drop onto the New Tab button to open in a new tab, or simply double-click the desktop shortcut.

  • Would be easier if we could just drop URL shortcuts anywhere, not just a tab, address field, or new tab button (all part of the UI).

    I can do it in FIrefox on any empty area of the Speed Dial and on any part of a webpage, except text fields.

  • @Pesala said in [Resolved] Another Drag 'n' Drop Question:

    @liyin Drop the link onto the URL field to open in the current tab.

    I thought that I had tried that but I guess not. That works fine too. Thanks

    simply double-click the desktop shortcut.

    That only works if Vivaldi is the default browser. I'm still weighing that.

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