Really bad RAM optimization

  • Vivaldi is becoming my favorite modern browser due to the vertical tab management and customization features. But one big flaw prevents it from being my main browser: the horrible RAM optimization.
    It's so bad, I mean, with only about 40 open tabs 7GB of RAM are gone just like that, making Windows pester me about closing programs to free up RAM. With Chromium I can open hundreds of tabs before memory usage goes that high.
    How come? Aren't they supposed to be based on the same engine? And the bad optimization is more evident compared to Polarity browser, which uses even less RAM than both.

    Is there anything that can be done about it?

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    Try firing up the internal Task Manager (Menu > Tools > Task Manager or [SHIFT]+[ESC] by default) to see what's eating that much of your RAM. Maybe it's a specific website or an extension?

    I'm writing this on a tablet with just 2 GB of RAM and Vivaldi is using about 400 MB here. I have only a few tabs opened though, but it automatically hibernates background tabs if the memory usage gets too high. I wonder if this happens in your case? You can turn on/off this feature in vivaldi://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding.

  • @pafflick I checked the Vivaldi Task Manager and there's single tabs that take more than 600MB of RAM each. Is this normal? Also tab discarding is in the "default" setting.

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    @mono If a site is using that much RAM then it would be a good idea to manually hibernate tabs with that site opened to save some memory. Theoretically, the automatic tabs discarding should kick-in once you run out of RAM (that's how it works on my Tablet, on my PC I never ran out of memory), but nothing stops you from hibernating unused tabs manually whenever you're feeling that your computer is slowing down unusually...

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