Window Top Border Size

  • I'm finding difficult to grab Vivaldi's window top border (above tabs) to move it around, it is quite thin.

    Could it be changed with the Hooks mod?

  • settings/appereance/use native window, restart vivaldi.

  • That's an option, but still interested in finding out if it is possible to change the top border when not using "Native Window".

  • with some css modding probably, but you can move the window by grabbing the window in any free space on the right of the tabs for example, not necessarily above the tabs.

  • I thought I could, but is not possible. Maybe it was when I was using the 1.9 snapshot, but not in stable 1.8.

    Just in case, I'm using the Hooks mod to open new tabs with middle-click and to change a couple of buttons.

  • There are a couple of options without the Hooks mod. The easiest change is to under Settings -> Appearance. The Menu options are Horizontal Menu and Vivaldi Button. If you choose Horizontal Menu, you'll get a substantial area to grab and this is also the only way to get the HTML Title to show up in the title bar. The downside of this option is that the horizontal menu leaves something to be desired when compared to the regular Vivaldi Button. This is what I use, primarily because I like having the title visible enough to counter the menu negatives.

    The slightly more difficult option is to modify the CSS. There are a lot of CSS options for set to 6px. You'll need to modify these or create a custom.css file to override the common.css settings. I stopped doing this several months ago, but you can find help in the various UI modification topics here.

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    Another option is not open so many tabs, or stack tabs, or pin tabs, so that there is always some free space on the tab bar to grab. A vertical tab bar is another option,

  • I'm using Hooks and got a .css file that takes care of some UI buttons.

    1. Does Vivaldi allow for a user .css file or should I continue using the .css file with Hooks mod?

    2. In which file(s) do you look for Vivaldi's UI elements (CSS)?


    I can't grab that area to the right of the tabs, I suspect it could be because of the Hooks mod (create-tab-with-middle-click.js).

  • Assuming Windows, under your %AppData% path (probably C:/Users/Username/AppData), It will be under /Local/Vivaldi/Application/Version#/resources/vivaldi/style/common.css.

    I can grab to the right of the tabs, I just choose not to. I'd rather have the browser adapt to the way I want to use it instead of the other way around.

  • @liyin said in Window Top Border Size:

    I can't grab that area to the right of the tabs, I suspect it could be because of the Hooks mod (create-tab-with-middle-click.js).

    I don't enable that js because of multiple bad behaviours, it creates a new tab but also un/maximizes vivaldi at the same time, not counting what you observed, it disallows dragging the window. I don't really feel the need of it because for creating a new tab both the plus icon and ctrl-t work more than good for me.

  • The "create-tab-with-middle-click.js" script is causing this issue.


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