Vivaldi crashed on facebook

  • Hey there! I discovered some days ago Vivaldi and I absolute love it! But today It crashed when I tried to open Facebook 😞
    It's sad, because this is the 3rd time that happens (The first one I think It was because I put my old bookmarks, the second one because I installed too many extensions, but now I have just one -and no new bookmarks- and It worked so good!)
    My system is windows 10x64 Home, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU@ 2.40GHz 2,00GB

  • Moderator

    @pirika: Hm. Can't replicate that. You still have a lot of extensions?

  • @Ayespy Nope, just one, a kind of adblock that is pretty popular here but I don't remember its name (actually because some of vivaldi users recommend it I installed)


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