Support for Window Management Apps?

  • I've noticed I don't have any options within Magnet or any other window management apps to resize or move a Vivaldi window except the option to move to another monitor or center the window. Is this a planned feature for the future? This is kind of a necessity for my workflow. Thanks!

  • Have you tried using native window in vivaldi://settings/appearance/?

  • Just did and it's working now, but it's kinda ugly with the gray bar up there... 😞

  • Any chance there'll be native support anytime soon?

  • You can write a bugreport/feature-request @, but concerning implementation I wouldn't hold my breath 😕

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    @cloud1494 Re: the "gray bar"... are you referring to the gap between the top of the tabs and the native title bar? If so, that's to allow space for their widget to switch tabs in a Tab Stack. You can make the gap go away by disabling tab stacks or you can move the tab bar to the side.

    If you're referring to the Title Bar, we're stuck with it if we want the more native experience that goes along with it.

    Any chance there'll be native support anytime soon?

    Oh God, let it be so... but I don't think that will ever happen. Out of necessity, the Vivaldi folks have adopted a platform-agnostic UI approach and only use native widgets when necessary. They've tried to make the UI on the Mac as Mac-like as possible but the seamless platform integration (that we expect and often take for granted in native apps) sadly just isn't there... yet.

    However, the one thing that we have working in our favour (despite being a small percentage of the Vivaldi user base) is that many of Vivaldi's developers are Mac users themselves. Every so often, they sneak in a surprise feature or improvement just for us and the Vivaldi experience on macOS gets a bit better.

  • @xyzzy No, I'm talking about the difference between the two photos below.

    1_1493172939997_Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.15.04 AM.png 0_1493172939996_Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.14.21 AM.png

    As you know, vertical screen real estate is at a premium these days. That extra space up there matters, albeit in a different way than the window management capabilities. It just stinks you've gotta choose between the slightly sloppy look of the title bar up there and lack of WM features.

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    @cloud1494 If you move your tabs to the left (or right), it'll feel weird at first but you'll actually gain a few pixels of vertical real estate even with the native title bar. You can also gain a few more if you hide the Status Bar and use "Show Status Info Overlay".

    I know that the Title Bar can be annoying but enabling it also helps to work around other bugs in the faux-Mac window rendering code that they're using at the moment. If you do decide to file a bug report, it will go straight to the developers and they might even be able to provide you with a better work-around until they can incorporate more native elements into the Mac builds.

  • @xyzzy I just submitted a bug report. Is there a site where I can check back on the status of it later?

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    @cloud1494 Vivaldi's bug tracker is not public but you should have received a confirmation/status e-mail that contains your Vivaldi bug id. When a bug gets fixed, it also (usually) gets noted in the snapshot and release changelogs.

    This thread should also remain open indefinitely. If all else fails and you haven't heard anything for quite some time, feel free to post a follow-up here with your bug id... or send an e-mail to Somebody should be able to look it up.

  • I use BetterTouchTool and Hammerspoon, both work fine with Vivaldi windows.

    If you're looking or alternatives


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