Tab/website zoom memory

  • This is the only feature that pretty much stops me from fully jumping over to Vivaldi. There are a lot of websites which are not optimized for big screen, e.g. reddit, and require zoom in for proper use. Chrome / Opera can remember your settings for every websites you use. Is there a feature like this in Vivaldi or is it in the roadmap of being implemented? Thank you in advance

  • @multifrag Saving a session will save the zoom level for each tab in the session. See the options on the File menu for loading and saving sessions. Shortcuts and/or mouse gestures can be assigned to frequently used commands.

  • Doesn't really work as it only saves the zoom info for one tab even with the same url

  • @multifrag Disable the option in Settings, Webpages, Use Tab Zoom to use the same zoom for tabs opened from the current page.

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