Multi Language Spell Checker, please get it right

  • One of the things I hated about Chrome is how it managed its spell checker. It was terrible for years. Then it had a bugs which Google took like 2 years to fix. For people that write in more than one language, its absolutely normal to have the setting in the incorrect language when you start typing just to see all words underlined in red as misspelled, you know, those read dots under the words. The bug in Chrome was that even after you changed to the correct language it would still show them all under red and you had to pass the cursor manually over every word so it make it work again. This was an extremely annoying bug, and this was one of the main reasons I dropped Chrome many times in the past. Firefox got it right. Opera 12 got it even better. The spell checker in Opera 12 was just amazing, you switched from one language to the other and it detected this automatically and instantly. It seems Vivaldi has this old Chromium bug I mentioned before. Please try to fix it, but even better, I would love for Vivaldi to create a setting that auto detects the language automatically and sets it to the correct language, similar to how Word does it, when you start typing it actually detects the language and does the spell checking accordingly to that language. I know you guys at Vivaldi and most here probably write in more than one language, so I think this should be real important priority for your type of user base. Only Firefox got it somehow correct today, other browsers suck at this. Opera, I don't think it had automatic detection but it worked fine. First you should try to correct the bug I mentioned which underlines all words as typos even when the language setting was already switched to the right option in contextual menu. Try to make an auto detect setting for this, this would really save me my hands pain of having to switch the spell checker from tab to tab, in particular if you type in more than than language, its so frustrating and annoying right now. This would be an awesome, but AWESOME feature. Its this little things that show the quality of a browser vs others. Otherwise people are going to install extensions for spell checking. You know what they say, the devil is in the details.

  • vivaldi://settings/languages

  • @terere I have the Google Translate extension installed on Vivaldi. This lets me translate pages because Vivaldi does not automatically offer you a translation like Chrome. Don't know if that helps.

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    @pewm-pewm I have Google Translate as a Web Panel, but I am sure it does not help with multi-lingual spell-checking.

    It is not something that I use, but I presume that you just install more dictionaries and spell-check using all of them.

    0_1490898666396_Spell-check Languages.png

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    @pewm-pewm But this is not the solution for the startposter's spell checker problem.

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    @terere Yes, the spell check is buggy, but can not be fixed by Vivaldi as it is a Chromium code base issue, resposible were the Chromium devs. 😞


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