Bookmark Icon Not Always Working

  • I opened several Speed Dial links and noticed that the bookmark icon at the end of the address bar marks a few as "bookmarked", but not all.

    The addresses were both http: and https:.


  • Stable version seems to be working better, but the above bookmark for Amazon Music still shows an empty bookmark icon.

    Amazon Video bookmark shows correctly.

  • I suspect they're not the same url, post the exact bookmark url and what appears in the address bar.
    For example if I have
    in my speeddial, the address will be resolved as
    and in this case, the actual address is different from what's bookmarked, hence the different "empty" bookmark icon in address bar.

  • Moderator

    Redirected URLs in bookmarks have no icon as i remember.
    I guess this was more a security/attention feature.

    1. Amazon Music website required login so the address temporarily changed (redirect as stated above), icon was as expected afterwards

    2. Another website redirected from http: to https:

    3. Another website redirected from to

    4. In two websites with a gray background the icon is almost invisible because its color is close to the background color, some website colors that cause this are (2nd column is for
      Top | RGB: 220,220,220 | RGB: 245,245,245
      Body | RGB: 237,237,237 | RGB: 221,220,215



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