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  • Re: "Open File" downloads the file anyway?

    I know this has been raised before and I know a moderator said it's not a showstopper ... well, to some it really is a showstopper.

    For example, where a file eg and Excel file, is on a server and shared so that many can view and update it, if using IE or Firefox, it can be opened, changed then saved (it will be saved on the server). Then another person can do likewise and add additional updates.

    With Chrome, this doesn't work, because once the file is open, saving simply saves the change to the downloaded local copy. The result is that Chrome browsers are avoided. Not only that, but some people forget and the result is a disaster in which expected updates get lost.

    An option to change this behaviour would be a major step forward for Vivaldi

  • I second that. I'm very interested in that too. For now, I use IE tab on certain site for this.

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    @Too_many_browsers The description is a bit misleading because it's impossible to open any file without downloading it first, but I know what you mean.

    I don't see it yet in the Feature Requests thread. That's the right place to post this.


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