Automatically update Speed Dial tiles?

  • Is it possible that Vivaldi would consider including an option to automatically update the Speed Dial 'tiles' when Vivaldi is started please? I see many people would rather have website 'icons' rather than snapshots of a page, but my ideal would be that when I start the browser it updates the tiles for me. I have some pages that I watch and it is a great help if I can see whether they have been updated recently.

    Many thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing the integrated mail client. I noticed there was a request for votes for POP mail, if anyone is interested in another opinion, I'd like to see POP capability included if possible. I find it is more predictable when using multiple clients, on multiple email servers, on multiple platforms.

    Again, thanks for Vivaldi, bring on the email.

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    @mkstevo Just press F5 to update all of the speed dial page thumbnails

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