Gesture Opening New Tab Instead of Closing

  • My down gesture (because I changed the default) is supposed to close the current tab, but plenty of times while executing the gesture a new tab is opened with the same page I was on.

    It seems like it opens the link under the mouse pointer when the gesture is executed.

    In Firefox I can execute gestures anywhere without worrying if I have a big font title or image under the mouse.

    Gesture: Hold Right Click + Down

  • Check your mouse gesture settings, some have the same gesture and act differently if the gesture is started on a link or not. For example the rclick+down is by default associated to open link in new tab (if on a link) AND create new tab (if not on a link)

  • Gesture Mapping is quite simple, all the gestures are only a one continuous movement and that's it.



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    @liyin What are your gestures for Open Link in New Tab (Over link), and Open Link in Background Tab?

  • It is the same. I did get a warning about another command already using that gesture and had to free the gesture to be able to use it with the command I wanted. So wasn't expecting a third command to share the same gesture.

    It seems it is by design to allow both commands to share the same gesture, but would have preferred an easy way to spot what commands are allowed to share gestures.


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    @liyin said in Gesture Opening New Tab Instead of Closing:

    It seems it is by design to allow both commands to share the same gesture,

    Yes. They used to be only one command, but they were split some time ago.


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