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  • I am having a world of trouble with the newest version of the browser, 1.9.818.3 (Official Build) (64-bit). Among other things, web pages keep freezing--links don't work, and refreshing the page usually doesn't restore link functionality. Also, two of my most important extensions, Dashlane and Evernote, have essentially stopped working. Using the app on a Lenovo ThinkPad X240 running Windows 7.

    If these issues in this latest version aren't resolved quickly, I will have to abandon Vivaldi and go back to Chrome. Would much rather stick with Vivaldi if it can be made to work again.

  • You can use the stable version of Vivaldi, snapshots aren't always free of bugs and problems. For starters try with clean profile or even do a fresh install, but in that case make sure you delete your profile folder too. If the issues persist on a clean setup you should file a bug report.

  • I too have been having this issue (x64 build 1.9.818.22 now, same problem). For me it mostly happens when I'm filling out forms.

  • There is a known problem with LastPass creating a page-wide blocking element. Are both of you using lastpass? If not, can you use Inspect Element, and trace the html code causing the obstruction?

    Also, keep in mind, any problems with the beta version are not worth abandoning Vivaldi for. If you have a problem, just uninstall Vivaldi beta, keep the browsing data, then install Vivaldi stable (1.8) and you can continue where you left off. In some occassions a plugin may need to be reinstalled, such as "The Great Suspender"

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    Does this freeze also happen with deactivated extensions?

  • I do in fact use LastPass, but I hadn't gotten around to testing with it disabled. I will try browsing for a while with my extensions disabled, but that is likely the issue.


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