Hello from Hong Kong

  • Hi guys,
    Was wondering what to do during a 5 minute break, and realised I hadn't joined the Vivaldi community.
    Just wanted to give a shout out from a hot and humid HK on a Friday afternoon >.<


  • @olly_in_HK
    Hi Olly welcome on board, I' d be happy to change seats with you. Over here it is raining while temperature is about 2°C (35.6 °F) and the hardest part is... it is only friday morning - I still need to work about 7 hours.

  • I think I'll stick with HK for the meantime, though it's hot and humid outside it's still like a fridge indoors as the a/cs are turned up. Still need to wear a fleece top inside :o

  • Here in italy we experience an unsual cold weather since last wednesday. Some areas in north reach below-zero last night :scream: lol wtf :smile:

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