Browser crashes every time I close a tab

  • Every time I try to close a tab the browser crashes. I only have 40 tabs open (far less than usual) but since the latest snapshot update I've been having this issue

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    @ToxicDummy It's not just you. A few people reported this problem in the Snapshot Blog (myself included) and the Vivaldi team confirmed that they've experienced the problem as well.

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    Very sorry to report v1.9 snapshot does NOT fix the crashing - which happens for me as soon as I try to open - ever since change to 1.8.
    Can we have access to last stable 1.7 please?
    Just want to use Vivaldi! Don't want it to keep crashing!!

  • @hojomo This isn't a bug present in 1.8, it started with the 1.9 snapshots. It can be avoided by closing tabs with double click/close button instead of shortcut or mouse gesture. If you don't want to do that (and it can be hurtful if the other ways to close tabs come more naturally to you), I suggest you switch to the stable releases -- currently 1.8.

    But yeah, if you really had problems in 1.8 already, it could be that your crashes aren't even related to the bug when closing a tab. You should try to find out what is causing it in that case. Without more information no one will be able to help you.

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    Remember, Snapshots are test releases. If you should ever run into a problem with a new version, a good first place to go is -- it's where Vivaldi announces the release itself and solicits feedback. It's very helpful to everyone when you report new bugs/regressions/issues specific to that release there... and positive feedback is always welcome too.

    Also, a general word of caution when "downgrading" Vivaldi -- your profile data is not backwards compatible. Once you've upgraded to Vivaldi 1.9, things could break (possibly very badly) if you revert to version 1.8 or earlier. So, back up your data first and be prepared for the worst-case scenario of having to refresh or reset your profile.

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    FYI, this bug has (hopefully!) been fixed in the latest Snapshot. Give it a try and please report any new issues here:


  • @xyzzy I don't think you can even revert, going to stable means making a fresh install and deleting the current one, or a standalone installation.

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    @luetage I've gone from (say) Vivaldi 1.8-snapshot to Vivaldi 1.8-stable with the same profile in the default location. Also from Vivaldi 1.8-stable to Vivaldi 1.9-snapshot. Updates work fine too because the release channel is compiled into the binary. (Of course, in this case, only one version of Vivaldi can be installed at a time.)

    I haven't personally run into any issues as long as the release/build number is increasing, even if a feature gets "removed" when release candidates get promoted to the Stable channel. That said, I concur that the safest path is updating to newer versions on the same channel.

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    Looks like this bug has been squashed... Hopefully it stays that way.
    Now that Vivaldi 1.9 has been officially released, I'm tagging this thread Resolved.

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