Pressing f1 in youtube when in fullscreen creates unresponsive white screen

  • A bug. When you are watching a youtube video in fullscreen mode and press F1 (I did this accidentally, I was supposed to press esc) the screen goes white and vivaldi becomes unresponsive. Only way out is to press alt-F4 or end the program via ctrl-alt-del.

    The solution sounds like a simple for me. When in fullscreen watching a video pressing F1 should do nothing. Not lock down your browser,

  • Actually it seems it just opens the F1 help in fullscreen (loads pretty slow for me though so I thought it had just died). Anyways, the only way out is to press alt-F4 or press F11 to get out of fullscreen mode which I think is not the right way and when this happens for the first time you'll think vivaldi just crashed or something erronous is going on.

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    I do not get a white page in Windows 10x64.
    After hitting F1 in a Youtube video running in Fullscreen mode (F11 or Fullscreen button in YT video bar) the Vivaldi help page opens.


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