Add chrome like behavior for searching queries containing periods rather than always interpreting as addresses

  • Please could Vivaldi's address bar be made to behave more like the chrome's omnibox.
    When I enter a query containing a period like "np.histogram2d" (unlikely to be a web address), rather than returning "np.histogram2d’s server DNS address could not be found" please could it instead return search engine results. This would be very useful for people who frequently search for programming expressions using the address bar.

  • @farleytpm As a workaround you could use searchengine nicknames.
    e.g. to search this term in google i just type g np.max or for a wikipedia entry w np.max (The last example doesn't make much sense but I guess you catch my drift)
    You can assign nicknames when you create new searchengine entries (first pic) - to create a new searchengine rightclick in a searchbox and select Add as Searchengine or you can edit them in Settings --> Search --> click the pencil beside a searchengine entry (second pic)

    0_1492706663342_search 01.png

    0_1492706672066_search 02.png

  • Moderator

    Valid domains are searched by DNS. If a domain does not exists, Vivaldi will display a internal error.
    Vivaldi cant know that np.max is not meant as a domain but your search string.

    Please use a ? or a search engine shortcut in front of such searches in address field or use the separate search field.

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