Search keyword in Ctrl-F text box is changed when the tab is focused out

  • Vivaldi: 1.8.770.56 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    OS: Linux, Windows 8.1

    Tested on both Linux and Windows.

    To reproduce this issue,

    1. Hit Ctrl-F and search for some keywords.
    2. Select any text in the page and focus on the other tabs.
    3. Come back to the initial tab.
    4. Search keyword is changed to the selected text, and the selected text even loses its selection.

    Possible cause:

    1. Originally, a selected text shouldn't lose its selection when the tab is focused out.
    2. When a tab loses and gets back its focus, the selected text remains selected as intended. Then the "Find in Page" function is re-invoked.
    3. The function normally reads a selected text and put it as a search term. And it works exactly the same in this case, which should not.


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