Vivaldi not opening on correct monitor

  • Hello everyone,

    I have been using Vivaldi for about one year now but since yesterday i'm facing a little problem that I can't solve.
    When I close Vivaldi it's always opening on my main monitor. But I don't want Vivaldi to open on that monitor but I want it to open on my second monitor like it did before.

    I tried to search in the Vivaldi settings if there was a setting that I had to enable but I honestly can't find anything.
    Is there anyone who can help me out with this?


  • Moderator

    What happened yersterday? Windows Update? Vivaldi update?

    I remember a old bug where Vivaldi was not remembering the monitor on which it was opened/closed.

  • That's the problem i'm facing right now. It always opens at the wrong monitor and it's not saving where I opened it the last time.

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    And a desktop management tool like Dexpot can't help you to workaround this issue?

  • Alright, I installed that software but where is the option I have to enable to force Vivaldi to always display on my second monitor ? I tried several settings but didn't find it yet ^^


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