Vivaldi Panels. Great, but can be so much better

  • I love the Panels, it wasn't something I thought I was missing in other browsers, but ever since I've stated using them, I can't do without.

    A few things I think should really be addressed though, and they are:

    1. make each saved Web Panel Address editable (changing address URL)
    2. Enable to alter the order of the Panels (you currently have to remove and re-add)
    3. Make extensions work for the webpages in the panels as well (popup blockers, refresh, ad block etc)
    4. Enable zooming in the panel (Ctrl + zooms the website open in tab, not the panel)
    5. Auto hide. Automatically hide the panel, and re-show on mouse hitting the side of the screen)

    I'm sure I'll think of something else later, but right now, I'd love to get these features added.

  • Moderator

    Please, be so kind to have a look at if your feature request already exists and upvote them. Or post a single request in a new post with one short line as title and 2โ€“3 lines with explanation what that is.

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