Been using Vivaldi for almost a week now and would like to give some feedback.

  • I really like this browser, the speed dial makes it easy to navigate to whatever sites I visit often. The color changing tabs are a neat aesthetic and the overall open and customization nature is very cool to see. Coming from Chrome though, I notice somethings that are lacking and buggy. - Right clicking on the taskbar icon to make a new window doesn't work. I need to click on the Vivaldi icon in the upper left to make a new window. - Having 2 windows and 4-5 tabs makes the browser unstable at times. - Some YouTube and JWPlayer videos doesn't play. - I would like a shortcut for re-opening closed tabs instead of clicking on the garbage-can. On Chrome and other browsers, this can be done with Ctrl + Shift + T - I would like to have speed dial as my homepage. It is currently set as Google, but all I want when I open the browser is to get to speed dial. - Plugins. I know you're working on this though. - There should be an option to eliminate the Google search box at the top right. I only use the url-field anyway, so it only takes up space. - There should be an option to remove the white line in the bottom of the screen, I can zoom with Ctrl + Scroll anyway, I won't use the bar before you implement mail and the option to choose would be great. - E-mail, I know you're working on this as well. EDIT: - Make suggestions activate faster so when I press for example; gm, I don't search gm on google, but go to (if that's the suggestion that would come up)

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