YouTube Video Loading error

  • Hi guys,

    I am back here with an issue. There are certain videos Vivaldi does not load on YouTube and gives out the following error:

    Other browsers do not have such an issue and they load them without a problem. I have tried a clean install of Vivaldi, turning off my antivirus, reinstalling flash player and nothing helped.

    I this a general issue or a problem I have? Do you have any solutions for it?
    Is it necessary for me to post here such a video that shows that error to see if you also have this issue?


  • @Kelton

    Hi Kelton,
    no video needed but next time make sure to provide a link to videos / websites / whatever throws up errors. That makes it easier to reproduce and test.
    Link to the video from the pic:
    And as you can see below for me everything worked fine.
    Just a shot into the blue but does the issue vanish when you go to vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardw
    and disable hardware acceleration?

    0_1492679924377_yt vid.png

  • It still seems to give that error even when hardware acceleration is disabled and the browser was restarted.

    Forgot to mentioned this started happening after updating Windows 10 with the Creator's Update a few days back.

  • @Kelton The culprit might be indeed the windows update - you mentioned that you've tried this in other browsers and it worked there. May I ask which you tried?

  • Moderator

    Video loads on my Win 10 Creators like @zaibon's – all ok.


    1. check your latest graphics card driver on manufactorers website.
    2. post first section after opening vivaldi://gpu page

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