Video performance issues/optimizations - Twitch etc..

  • Is there ANY way to resolve webkit-blink's inherited and abysmal performance on sites that use flash video? For example, 720p/60fps stream on plays perfectly with ActiveX flash - in IE11 [i][CPU 2-10%, GPU 13-18%][/i] - using NPAPI in Firefox 35 [i][CPU 25%, GPU 20%][/i] - whilst chromium and its derivatives, with NPAPI and PPAPI, uses [i]CPU 50-80%[/i] (20% per process * multiple threads) + [i]GPU 25-30%[/i]. Same general behaviour is observed on a completely different machines, amd/intel/amd-ati/nvidia, various drivers and system architectures - so it must be the engine used. Hardware acceleration on/off, negligible impact. Any ideas? Best of luck to the Vivaldi team, keep up the good work.


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