Stacked tabs don't align in appropriate order

  • Vivaldi: 1.8.770.56 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    OS: Linux, Windows 8.1

    After I stack random multiple tabs, the tabs don't align in appropriate order.
    For example:

    1. Open six tabs. Let's call them 1-6 in left-to-right order.
    2. Stack first three tabs. Then the tab stack is made at the third position: 4-5-(1-2-3)-6. (Why?)
    3. Navigate through tabs. The order of the tabs is 4-5-1-2-6-3. (What is going on?)

    For these reasons, tab stacking feature is really unusable for me. It is quite disappointing because I changed my browser to Vivaldi only for that feature.

    Note: I don't know whether this issue is platform-specific.

    EDIT: Tested on both Linux and Windows.

  • check your tab settings, which are your "new tab position" setting and also activation settings, tab cycling etc?

  • Here's my settings (that might possibly be related to this issue):


    New Tab Position

    πŸ”˜ After Related Tabs
    βœ… After Active Tab
    πŸ”˜ As Last Tab

    Close Tab Activation

    β˜‘ Always Activate Related Tab

    βœ… Activate in Recently Used Order
    πŸ”˜ Activate Left in Tab Order
    πŸ”˜ Activate Right in Tab Order

    Tab features

    Tab Cycling

    πŸ”˜ Cycle in Recently Used Order
    βœ… Cycle in Tab Order

    Tab Selection

    β˜‘ Enable Tab Selection

    Tab Stacking

    β˜‘ Enable Tab Stacking
    β˜‘ Open Tabs in Current Tab Stack

    I think there's no reason for Vivaldi to behave as described.
    Hope this helps.

  • EDIT: Tested on both Linux and Windows.


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