Address bar clears on any character

  • Hi,

    I think a found a bug where the address bar clears in some cases and misses a letter.
    Not sure if it is windows specific, but it's all I can test it with.
    Using 1.8.770.56 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

    steps to reproduce:

    1. visit any website
    2. select text in adress bar
    3. type anythign, e.g. "google"
      result: "google" shows up in address bar
    4. hit escape
    5. select text again
    6. type again, e.g. "google"
      result: "oogle" appears (g missing)
      expected result: "google"


  • @jaype
    I can't reproduce this with 1.9.818.3 32bit || win 7 64bit.
    Tried selecting via mouseclick and via "Ctrl +L"
    I also tried it with addressbar autocomplete on / off and show address menu popup when typing on / off
    further on I ruled out the possibility that a searchengine is interfering with this and created engine entries for g, go and goo

    Does playing around with those settings resolve this for you?
    Do you maybe use some extension that might interfere with your addressbar in some kind?
    For experimental reasons you could try to install a snapshot version as standalone to see if that is fixed for you in a later version.
    Go to the blog and download a snapshot - in the installation window click on advanced - select in the dropdown menu "Installation Type" Install Standalone - next select some folder where the snapshot should be installed. This won't interfere with your stable version. If this works you just maybe need to wait until the next stable version is released.

  • I tried now using ctrl+l and didn't have the issue, only with mouse.
    Happens with "Address auto-complete" enabled and disabled.

    With standalone snapshot it does not have the issue.
    With regular version, even with all extensions disabled the issue exists.

    I guess I'll wait till stable 1.9 release and try again then.

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