Will Sync have Merge Capabilities?

  • I have Vivaldi on three machines. One has most bookmarks but the other two have some. When sync is ready it would be nice if the bookmarks from the two lesser files could be merged into the main bookmark file.

    I'm just wondering if this is possible?

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    @g_bartsch - Haven't seen the UI yet, so it's hard to say. Sync as a function generally only destroys duplicates with the same name in the same folder. That would generally mean you get both ends of sync, present in both ends of the transaction - and may have to delete some duplicates on your own,

  • @Ayespy Hmmm? Sounds like it might be possible. Well, I'll be happy either way. Thanks.

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    I hope the Sync will be as good (or better) as Opera Sync in older times.
    But i do not have yet any information to prove this.

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