Unfinished downloading file name

  • Im looking for function since Opera 12 ends.

    Every browser now make name of file while downloading "xxxxxxx.avi.xxdownload" and this format im not able to put in playlist of videoplayer.

    Is it possible to make function "do not add ".xxdownload" to file name while downloading?

    sry for my english 😉

  • Some players like mplayer are able to open some files while they're still downloaded with extra-extension .crdownload, because they don't care of the actual extension but check the content headers to decide how to play it, but some type of video containers (avi and mp4 for example) can't be actually played if they're partial, so in these cases there's not much use of this. It would be a nice option anyway.

  • I know it is able to play file, im using PotPlayer.

    But if im downloading for example 5 episodes of something and i will add them to playlist, files will disapear when downloading end, becouse file name changed.

  • There is also a valid reason to add a suffix or change the file extension while downloading, precisely to prevent users from opening a partially downloaded file. Apart from audio, video, and some progressive image formats, files (noticeably binaries/executable files) often (most of the time, in fact) need to be complete to work.

    If the browser used the final filename directly, it would have to somehow prevent the user from accessing said file while the download is not finished. While this is possible while the browser is active (it can then lock the file), imagine the download has failed and the browser is closed : now the user cannot know the download was only partial, and will wonder why his installer/application/whatever fails, because there is nothing preventing them from opening it (a process cannot keep file locks when it's terminated).

    So there is a valid use case, to prevent most/non-technical users from opening incomplete or failed downloads.

    You may still ask for it to be optionally deactivated in the feature request thread, but this is also the behavior in Chrome, so I guess it would rather have to be addressed to the Chromium team.

  • Yep i understand the reasons but im not ordinary "stupid" user.

    Thx for show me the right thread. I will try request this feature there. Btw lots of features from chromium are bended in this browser so i hope it will be possible.


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