--process-per-site randomly hangs tabs from same domain

  • Hello,

    I recently added --process-per-site parameter to my Vivaldi shortcut to save some RAM while I'm visiting a lot of tabs from the same domain (gmail, G-sites for example).
    The fact is, I get randomly broken tabs, which mean the content of the tab disappear and there is dead bird in a broken file icon instead. If it happen for gmail for example, it happen at the same time for all tabs. There is no prerequisite, it's just random and happen a lot.
    I removed this parameter then.

    Before I fill a bug report I would like people tell me about their tries about this.

    Leave a comment with your operating system and Vivaldi version, and yes / no if the bug happen or not when you use this parameter. 1 hour of testing should be enough.

    Example for me

    • Arch Linux 4.9.8 (custom)
    • Vivaldi 1.8.770.56
    • Yes


  • @Purgator
    I never has problem with that parameter. I just can't tell the different when I use it with Cromium, Chrome, Opera New, or Vivaldi. By default, they all already low resource & nice on my system. So, I drop the parameter.

    Linux/Debian sid amd64.
    Vivaldi 1.5 stable ~ current 1.9 all x64
    I start installing Opera, Chromium, & Chrome along those Vivaldi versions to test things. Before, I'm Firefox only person.

  • Hey thank you for answering.

    I'm not sure to understand, do you use this parameter ? It seems not.

    BTW I'm full Firefox user too and the difference in RAM usage between FF / Chrome or FF / Vivaldi is just insane...

    Anyway that not the topic here.

  • @Purgator I was using it for around two months. I never get problems with it such crash or other. The problem is, I can't see any different to any Cromium based browsers I start with that parameter. That's why I don't use it anymore.
    Basically, that parameter didn't do any help or make trouble for me.

  • @dLeon Ok I got it, thank you very much for your reply.


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