Tabs out of view after fullscreen and sticky auto-scroll mouse cursor..

  • Hello there! o)

    thought I'd share two issues with you I have with Vivaldi since.. it exists basically.
    I use vertical tabs on the left and most of the time there are so many tabs open, that the tab scrollbar becomes visible.

    #1) Now if you scroll the tab bar to the bottom, so bottom tabs are visible and you play a youtube video in fullscreen or go to fullscreen on any other site, the tab bar will be scrolled up to the top if you return from fullscreen mode. The tab you used to start the fullscreen playback is completely out of view, which is a pita of course and it's happening for every tab/video you enter fullscreen for. o)

    #2) Once the scrollbar appeared (because of many tabs), it's not easy to close tabs with middle-click mouse button anymore. The desired tab will close, but you end up with a sticky auto-scroll type mouse cursor and the tab scrollbar suddenly goes wild because you move the mouse. Another left-click is required (best done at a location where no action is triggered) to stop the tab scrollbar from reacting to mouse moves.

    Thanks for reading! o)

  • Is no one else experiencing the "return from fullscreen" and "sticky autoscroll mouse" issues?

    I use Vivaldi on different computers (Windows), it's the same on all of them so I exclude machine specific issues for now, would love some feedback or ideas to help getting this straight at some time. o)

    Thx! cya.. o)

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