Google Chromecast extension.

  • Hi, I just started using Vivaldi today and am loving it! The one irritation for me is the lack of the chromecast extension. I have noticed that there were some postings a year ago about the proprietary status of the extension. I was wondering if there is any sign of hope for getting the extension on Vivaldi in the past year?

  • @globetrotterdk
    Hi, first of all I don't use chrome cast so please be aware that my infos might be wrong but as far as I remember the vivaldi team implemented a cast function into the browser so you don't need the extension anymore.
    Just rightclick on a site you want to cast and select the "cast" option .

    0_1492607518443_cast 01.png

  • Some webpages like Spotify won't allow a right click. This is why Vivaldi needs to be fixed. In chrome you can right click choose cast and the cast icon appears in the top right corner near other extensions. Right click on that icon and choose always show. This will now allow you choose to cast on pages that won't allow right clicking........but this is missing in Vivaldi ๐Ÿ˜ž

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