vivaldi a slow memory hog?

  • i thought that was my system, but here are smilar observations:
    "Vivaldi was the biggest memory consumer by some margin. With seven tabs open it used nearly twice as much RAM as Slimjet."
    "With a handful of extensions added Vivaldi really slowed down in launch time. In fact, with the same extensions installed Cent could launch and almost load its pages before Vivaldi even opened its window."

    really dont know where vivaldi is heading, from the start i thought vivaldi was going to be a slim and fast browser with efficiency in mind like opera. it seems quite the opposite..

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    @schreck: I find it to be as fast if not at times faster than, chrome or firefox. It does consume a bit too much memory - mostly due to the fact that it is a 3-layer browser, rather than a 2-layer one. I don't have a system (among the 9 where I have it installed) where the memory use has been a liability. Still, it could/should be more efficient in time. But no one, ever, put forth that it would be a slim browser. Its emphasis since day 1 has been feature-richness. efficiency will come later.

  • @schreck It's sad for you that your experience of it so far is adverse, & yes many of we dedicated users of V would readily agree that more improvements are needed. However V is still a very young project, begun from the ground up with a small team, yet has already achieved [IMO] astonishing levels of stability & usability. For me when i discovered & adopted it as my default browser in Feb 2015, it completely reinvigorated my internet use, it brought back the excitement pleasure & sheer utility missing since O12.x. Maybe i'm spoilt with my Tower's 32 GB RAM & reasonable i7 cpu, but for me V RAM consumption isn't a problem, its speed is good, & its versatility/utility superb [with more still coming]. Granted, on my 8 GB RAM i5 Lappy, V's RAM use tends to be a lot more noticeable, but still not so badly that it stops me using V as my default browser there as well [& streaming Netflix with it every night].

    I might be wrong but i do not recall ever reading that V's objective was "lightweight"; instead, its ethos from the start was to be a browser "for our friends", ie, the original O12.x user-base & subsequent like-minded users, who need & desire more not less from their browser. I entirely respect that your priorities & sensibilities might lie in another direction, & if so that's of course totally fine. Hopefully though you might come to appreciate V too, as so many others already. Good luck.
    Tower & Lappy = Maui Linux 17.03 x64 Plasma 5.9.3.

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    @schreck said in vivaldi a slow memory hog?:

    really dont know where vivaldi is heading, from the start i thought vivaldi was going to be a slim and fast browser with efficiency in mind like opera

    Yes, you thought, you hoped, i might guess. You like to have Opera 12 as fast and small as Vivaldi. You will not get it.
    Vivaldi is built up based on React, HTML5 and CSS and not on some ultrafast compiled C++ code.
    The pro of Vivaldi base is better management and change of UI, the contra a slowdown in rendering the UI.
    The Vivaldi dev team tries to get Vivaldi faster and they are constantly working on speed enhancements.

    Is Opera 12 really a allday usable browser on the web? No. But… wait… If you need a small and superfast browser, i propose to use Slimjet or Otter. And you will free of nightmares about CPU-RAM-All-consuming Vivaldi.

    Yes, i like Vivaldi. Why? Because Opera 12 has gone its way to be Unusable+Unsupported+Not-Bugfixed memorabilia.

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