Wacom Bamboo pen click / touch not recognised within browser window!

  • 1.9.818.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Noticed this a few days ago. I have both a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet and a Microsoft Mouse plugged into my iMac - I use the Bamboo for most activities except for games and 3D apps. But now the tablet pen is not working within the browser window! The pointer doesn't change when I move it over links, and nothing happens when I click on buttons or try to enter form fields. Also, I can close tabs, but cannot reorder them by dragging. Very weird! If I use the mouse instead, I have no problems whatsoever. The Bamboo tablet is working fine with all other applications. Any ideas? Because I'm stumped, to the point that I'm actively considering switching back to Firefox as my primary browser.

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    Ah, you are an other user with such bug. We found such issue on Linux.
    Bug is updated by me now.

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