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    I have lot of friends that just leaved vivaldi because they says it has a very slow start...a friend of mine says vivaldi takes up to 15 seconds to boot up on an i7 processor with 8 gb of ram and an ssd...i personally use vivaldi and i love it but for example on my pc ( a dual core 2.2 with 3 gb of ram) vivaldi takes up to 30 seconds to launch for the first time...i know this is an old dual core but 30 seconds are somewhat inacceptable...i know that vivaldi it's the swiss knife of the browsers, and that's why the start is so slow but really developers should do something about this...

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    @luca247: I run Vivaldi on nine different machines, three of them ten, twelve and thirteen years old. I have never seen a start so slow. On my oldest, slowest and weakest 1.46 GHz dual core (unplugged, on battery, running at "power-saving" reduced performance specs) it does take 25 seconds on first cold start and 10 sec on each subsequent start during that power cycle. On a single-core P4, 3 GHz, it takes 22 and 14 sec respectively. On my fastest box it takes 3 seconds cold and two seconds each additional.

    My 10-y-o dual-core 1.66 GHz Intel with 3 GB RAM takes 20 sec. and 9 sec.

    I have a rig sort of similar to your friend's that takes 6 seconds cold and 3 seconds on any later start.

    So on REALLY old, weak hardware, I can get some long start times - 30% longer than what it takes to start chrome, but still faster than Firefox. So I'm wondering what it is about your installation, perhaps including extensions or a huge number of bookmarks or something, that could cause such a long start time. I'm genuinely interested.

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    so thanks for your reply...i made a quick comparison with other browser every at cold start and here's the results :

    vivaldi boots up in 28 seconds cold boot and 4/5 seconds after first boot
    firefox launches in 12 seconds first boot and 3 seconds after
    opera launches in 13 seconds first boot and 1 second after

    as you may see the difference is quite big...i just have the adblocker and the gnome extensions installed and just have 2 bookmarks so i don't think they are slowing down vivaldi enough...i am running fedora 25 workstation now but when i was on windows 10 (about one year ago) the boot time was almost as slow (maybe few seconds faster) so i don't think it an installation problem

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