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  • Hi everybody, can you tell me why I'm not able to open/load new page for Google Earth - (totally fine on Chrome). Same problem with local Slovak page - (never stop loading). Thanks.

  • @jan.simko

    Confirmed (though I don't know why) on Win10 x64 with latest snapshot (1.9.818.3).

    At first I thought it was because of content blockers, but no, even when allowing all content, it indeed loads ~11 MB of data then stops and the progress/loading bar is stuck (not Vivaldi's, but the one on the Google Earth page).

    Though, it doesn't work much better on Chrome here. A text appears with "Loading (...)" but doesn't load more than that. Chrome emits a warning in its console though :
    NativeClient: PnaclCoordinator: Compile stream init failed: reply not received from PNaCl translator (it probably crashed)

    Maybe an issue with graphics drivers ?
    What are your Vivaldi / Chrome versions ?
    (Latest Vivaldi snapshot is based on Chromium 58, on my PC it's chrome 57; also Chrome includes fixes that aren't included in Chromium's codebase)

    You are welcome to report the bug to Vivaldi, optionally linking to this forum thread; or maybe at Chromium, if the render engine is (and it probably is) the culprit (I don't have any other Chromium-based browser myself so I can't tell)

  • @jan.simko
    Seem the site built for Google Chrome only.
    I tested with Chromium, Firefox, & Opera.
    Found people talk about it

    I can't find any report about it at except about Google Earth apps or Google Earth plugins, which they also didn't work.

    As far I could follow, it's all about NaCL not available in Chromium & of course Firefox. Continue to investigate why, I just find NaCL has problem to be build on Chromium and... it's abandoned(?). Some people (in thread I gave above) also ask why Google Earth Web built based on abandoned API.
    Seem working fine here. Turn off all your ads blocker or any blockers on this site.

  • @dLeon said in New Google Earth:

    Seem the site build for Google Chrome only.
    As far I could follow, it's all about NaCL not available in Chromium & of course Firefox.

    I see, so it would be the Google Earth site itself that does poor User Agent sniffing and detects Vivaldi as Chrome ?
    Indeed on other browsers (Edge,Firefox) I see a prompt stating the site only supports Chrome, but not on Vivaldi.

  • @IcePanther
    No, not UserAgent sniffing.
    It's the API it self isn't available anywhere else outside Google Chrome.

  • @dLeon

    Yes, I understand that the NaCl API is not available in browsers other than Google Chrome, I was talking about the lack of a message that Vivaldi isn't supported (which could be attributed to Google using UA sniffing as opposed to feature detection to detect which browser is compatible, because vivaldi has Chrome/58.0.3029.55 in its user agent).
    Sorry I Ididn't express myself more clearly.

    Anyway, not a Vivaldi or Chromium bug then. (Bad browser detection on Google Earth website + NaCl not supported (intentionally by Google / not in upstream Chromium))

  • @IcePanther
    Ah, okay. 😁

  • Moderator

    In August 2017 one of our devs told me that Vivaldi will not support NaCl feature.


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