Streaming audio and/or music

  • I am fairly new to the Vivaldi browser. There are some very nice features and customization available, however I have encountered one phenomenon that I do not experience with any other browser - if I am streaming audio (music, YouTube, Pandora, etc.) the audio stops the second I change tabs or start a new tab. I run Windows7 Home Premium Ver. 6.1.

    I really hope there is a setting I can enable or disable because I stream a lot of background music. If not, this is sadly, a deal breaker.

    If anyone has experienced this phenomenon, please tell let me know allow streaming audio to continue after I add or change tabs. Thanks!

  • @RobertB
    Next time, check the forum sub category more closely. 😄
    This, for "Vivaldi Forum Bugs"
    There's sub category for Windows, Mac, Linux, & All Platforms.

    Anyway, there's 2 ways:

    Path 1:
    Check these "Tab Muting" settings

    To get what you need is to tick "Play All Audio"?
    The other two kind of confusing to explain except you experience it your self.

    Path 2:
    Send each audible tabs as different window each.

    And, Welcome to Forum. 😄

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    Moved the topic to correct forum.

  • @dLeon Thanks for your time.

  • Does it mean the problem is solved? If not how do you stream and to what device?

  • Imagine you middle-click several Youtube video links and open several new tabs in the background.

    If you want all media to start playing immediately select Play All Audio.

    If you want to play the videos one by one, but only when a tab is active select Play Only in Active Tab.

    If you want to listen to the video (or play a podcast) while reading another website on a separate tab select Prioritize Active Tab.

  • I have noticed this behavior lately as well, although it seems to be more Google Play. I tried and it was able to stream several songs in a row. With Google Play it will usually play one or two then half a song and stop.

    I have tried different settings for the tab muting.

  • I tried it again, this time I only had GooglePlay open. It played 1.5 songs and stopped. It plays fine in Chrome and Opera; I have not tested in IE or Firefox.

    My tab setting is to Play All Audio.

    Vivaldi 1.9.818.44 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Revision bbec133a3745a0d97b9bd4da75e07ddb18f71ff7
    OS Windows
    JavaScript V8

    Is anyone else still having this problem?

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    @SheldonS Please report this as a bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thank you. I have submitted the bug.

    After I submitted it I thought I should try one more thing just to be thorough. I thought I would try to play one of Google's playlists or stations. So I picked one of the For fans of .... stations where .... is a band name. What is displayed will more than likely vary by user.

    It just started playing a third song. I do not know why user playlists would be different and not work on just Vivaldi but I thought that was interesting.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I just installed the update and it is streaming properly now!

  • @SheldonS said in Streaming audio and/or music:

    @Gwen-Dragon I just installed the update and it is streaming properly now!

    Well scratch that. It played four and then stopped. I closed that tab, went back to it and it did not get through the first one. If this happened on other browsers I would assume it was something network related here at work.


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