Vivaldi "companion" for android?

  • 1st of all, no, this isnt a thread to ask about the status of the android version of Vivaldi (I understand that is coming "when its ready")

    Here's the thing. Firefox user since the 2.x days but since they are gonna dump out extensions, its time for me to dump them. The thing that is keeping me from doing so right now is their unified ecosystem between platforms, so I can sync not only bookmarks but history and active tabs between android and windows. Is there a way to get something like that working between vivaldi and any android browser? hopefully with a browser that supports adblocking

  • I haven't had the Android Firefox version installed for a long time, but if it can import bookmarks from html you have a winner.

    Personally I export my bookmarks to html and import them in Opera and use their browser on Android. Since it has sync it works out fine. Opera for Android has adblock, but the problem is they let google advertisements through, and possibly other ad suppliers. Therefore I rooted my phone and use Adaway.

  • @AfterShocK
    HTML way for bookmarks probably the only reliable way.

    I could think like using extension or apps for Android like Xmarks to sync bookmarks. But, does Xmarks support your chosen Android browser?

    There's Xmarks App that officially support Dolphin browser.
    Of course there's Xmarks App that seem support build in Android browser. Most browser I ever use/test seem import build in Android bookmarks if they found it.

    I suggest to search Android apps that sync to build in Android bookmarks. Because I believe that's the hint.

    For Opened Tabs, could be work around to save them as bookmarks.
    No idea for History.

  • @dLeon
    I guess I could try installing xmarks on FF android as an extension... since the app's development is completely dead (last update in freaking 2012) I guess I could skip on history sync for now.

  • Try SessionSync, I used that on Chrome to sync my bookmarks across devices (I'm still on Chrome but wanting to switch from Chrome to Vivaldi). I THINK that extension is on Firefox. But yeah, I had to dump Firefox once OmniSidebar left the store


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