how to import safari web browsing history

  • Hi
    Vivaldi seems like a great browser but I would like to know how I could import my safari browsing history to analyse it? I have years of browsing history I would like to analyse and unless Vivaldi can read all that data, it seems a little useless to me.

  • @thibaud Hard to say if that's possible, but you can try. Please tell me how it goes 🙂

    Your safari history is stored in username/library/safari. The file is named history.db.
    Your vivaldi history is stored in username/library/application support/vivaldi/default. The file is named history.

    Both are databases and the code looks similar. The difference is that the Vivaldi history seems to be encrypted, while the Safari history is not. They are probably not compatible and if you just copy the history file into Vivaldi and delete the .db ending it probably won't work.

  • @thibaud
    I'm not Mac user, there's no Safari option in menu File > Import Bookmarks and Settings?

    I pass this Ruby script;
    While targeted for Google Chrome, we could paste finished result to our Vivaldi user profile.
    In that Github down below there's a link to it's original Python version if you prefer that one.

  • @dLeon No, there is no Safari option or this thread wouldn't exist.

    Have you looked at the script? The locations and variables are wrong, therefore it won't work without modifying it first.

  • @luetage

    there is no Safari option

    Ah, I see.

    Have you looked at the script?

    I don't deeply check the script to the bottom. My mistake.
    Yeah, I don't expect casual user will modify scripts.


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