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  • Hey All! There are some functions from old opera that are miss in vivaldi, for example: - ctrl+shift+l feature to mass download, copy, and review links on page + regex search filter - cutom search fields on main panel - 2x click to add new tab, possibility to remove x button - custom checkbox that we can place somewhere, with disable, enable features like js, plugins, proxy - remember filed text on inputs while using back button, even after restore closed tab - mark tabs with sound - better content blocker, not only by url, but also by class or id of elements i use custom css to block cookies warnings: div[id*="cookie"] {display:none !important} div[class*="cookie"] {display:none !important} - possibility to select anchor text from links, like in opera 12.x, left-right=select, up-down=move In attach my opera window, it would be lovely if i can make similar in vivaldi :-) I know, looks like mess, but it is my workbench :p Attachments: [img][/img]

  • thanks, done, you can remove this thread

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