"X" Button to Close tab does not appear when hovered upon

  • The "X" button does not appear when I hover over the tab of the page I am currently viewing. If I go over another tab it shows the "X" button and if I go back to the initial tab,the tab for the page I am viewing, the button appears.

    This is a minor bug that does not hamper the functionality of Vivaldi and I have only seen it happen on the Mac version as I am a big fan of the browser am regularly using it many different devices and OS's. This bug is just something that gets annoying at times.

    If you need any more info please ask.

  • Bug not present on snapshot. Anyway, it's been ages I had the close button on tabs activated -- closing them with shortcut or double click is just so much more convenient, and you are far less likely to close them by accident. But yeah, that's a matter of taste.


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