XMarks syncs but bookmarks do not show

  • I've installed the XMarks extension and it says it successfully syncs. However, no bookmarks show up anywhere - Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks manager. Looking under my profile, the booksmarks have been added to the Bookmarks file:

    "checksum": "200166815c71acbae91494c626ed4e02",
    "roots": {
    "bookmark_bar": {
    "children": [ ],
    "date_added": "13106526418683742",
    "date_modified": "13136824709006243",
    "id": "1",
    "name": "Bookmarks",
    "type": "folder"
    "other": {
    "children": [ {
    "children": [ {
    "date_added": "13136823059102254",
    "id": "153",
    "name": "Bookmark Name 1",
    "type": "url",
    "url": "https://URL1"
    }, {
    (Above slightly edited of course.) All of the bookmarks (I have a couple of hundred) appear under "other" . I can manually add a folder, which will appear under "root" and will show up in the browser.
    But since everything under "other" doesn't appear in the browser at all, I can't move them under that folder. How do I get these to show up in the Bookmarks Panel? (I don't use and don't really care about the bookmark bar, but others may.) I have thought about manually editing the file to move the bookmarks but I suspect that the first line, the checksum, will prevent manual editing. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    @BTrey: The "other" folder is not available to Vivaldi. Move those bookmarks to the Bookmarks Bar in your other browser, they will become visible/editable in Vivaldi, and then you can go from there.

  • Hi, you can select any folder as "Bookmakr Bar" folder.
    Check vivaldi://settings/bookmarks/ and select "Other", for example.
    I hope I understand correctly.

    Cheers, mib


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