Problems with media reproduction

  • Hello!
    Although I enjoy using Vivaldi, it has some problems with media reproduction. YouTube, of course, works fine, but a good amount of other things I tried to watch/listen just didn't work. Namely:

    • Google Translator's "listen" feature, which apparently doesn't process my clicks;
    • Openload video player, which fails reproduction and shows the message "Error loading media: File could not be played";
    • Any podcasts I tried to listen to, including tests made with:
      • This podcast on The Guardian website, which act as if it is loading forever;
      • ShortOrange webplayer, which answers my attempt to play something with the message "Connection has been lost or media is no longer available";
      • and NPR website, which answers with "Audio temporarily unavailable";

    All of these examples, I must say, worked perfectly with Chrome, on the same computer I use Vivaldi.

    I'd be glad to get any help 🙂

  • Hi, I am not on Windows but I know Vivaldi does not come with some codecs Chrome has included.
    I have all audio codecs checked but NPR does not work for me too.
    Please wait a bit for more information or search forum for Windows codecs.

    Cheers, mib

  • @lordevitin The three podcasts you gave links for work for me.

    If you have a "limited" version of Windows maybe you need the media pack.


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