Vivaldi won't start up after I closed it!

  • Just installed Vivaldi today was very skeptical and it turns out I was right! The installation and setup went fine actually quicker than I thought. I installed two extensions recommended on here as being safe to run on Vivaldi that I use in Chrome as well. I browsed the forum a bit and then closed the browser just to see how fast it will start up then I could not start it again unless I restart my PC. I run the latest Windows 10 update deactivated my antivirus and my VPN still nothing. Does anybody have an answer for this one?

  • @Armand_Wiseman Sorry forgot to mention the names of the extensions its uBlock Origin and Grammarly.

  • Hi, ah I had not such issues since 2 years with Vivaldi.
    Make sure no Vivaldi process is still running after close Vivaldi.
    Copy past:
    and disable "Continue running background ....."

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin Thanks, bud I did that but I also realized that in happened right after I imported my bookmarks and stuff from Chrome and I had more than 50000 bookmarks that just gathered over the years so I deleted the old ones before I imported this time and either your plan and the fewer bookmarks did the trick but I think it was your advice that did it just did not want all the old stuff in here so it made me clean up the mess a bit. Thanks again!

  • @Armand_Wiseman said in Vivaldi won't start up after I closed it!:

    installed Vivaldi today was very skeptical


  • @Steffie I'm also like him with everything new even women. lol, They may look beautiful on the outside but you don't know what's going on inside. I always want to see beneath the beautiful before I commit!

  • @Austin_Radcliffe You've got it Bud the same here. @Steffie You don't buy a car just because it's beautiful on the outside that is hazardous to your health and your pocket you must find out as much as possible about it before you commit like @Austin_Radcliffe said.

  • @Armand_Wiseman -- For Zarquon's sake, it's a free browser, not a commitment to sell your first-born sprog into slavery & medical experimentation! Be initially wary, sure, but sceptical? They are not synonymous, & neither of you has logically or technically justified adopting a negative attitude prior to trying it.

    Wrt your "was very skeptical and it turns out I was right! ", cobblers! You're not right, if by that you're implying that your current problem is axiomatically caused by Vivaldi per se. Clearly there is a problem for your installation, granted, & it needs to be resolved [the forum is a good place for assistance, for those with an enquiring mind & a neutral not prejudiced attitude]. However it's illogical & fatuous to potentially blame V per se, when there's so many users of it in multiple OS platforms not experiencing your symptoms.

    As for weirdly linking sexual politics with cautious installation of a browser ... well, wow... just wow.


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