Revert from preview tabs to ordinary tabs?[Solved]

  • [b]Solved[/b] I feel quite stupid by now after having spent a ton of time searching for a toggle option for the preview thing. It seems like i accidentally dragged the tab menu down by accident and mistook the effect for a function i had triggered by accident. Please disregard this post. Hi community. I have recently installed the tech release of Vivaldi and i am really liking it so far, but i have come across a bit of a problem that i cant seem to find a way to revert. I must have mistakenly hit some kind of shortcut function in the browser that makes the tab bar display tabs as previews instead of normal tabs, a problem that has become quite distracting when using the browser. I cannot seem to find any documentation on how this mode is toggled, so i figure someone out the might know the answer to how i revert it back. I have attached an image of how my tabs are currently showing up. Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Hover the cursor over the line between the tab bar and address bar, then drag it upwards.


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