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  • Where are personal settings and data files (such as saved Sessions and Extensions) located? I think I'm going to make a fresh install of Windows 10 v1703 but I don't want to lose those crucial data along with it.

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    @KOMMyHuCT: The location of all those files is specified under Menu/Help/About, in the line labeled "Profile Path." Every user-specific setting and preference and all user data is in the Default folder.

    If you do a fresh Windows install, you WILL lose your passwords and your extensions, because these are encrypted with a key specific to your unique user ID on Windows - and that ID will change with a new install of Windows, no matter what you do.

    Your Extension SETTINGS and DATA will remain available but the extensions themselves will have to be re-installed.

    You can export your passwords to a clear text .csv file and re-import them, if you first go to chrome://settings/search#pass within the browser, select "Manage Passwords" and enable password exporting. Then you can export your passwords, save that file, and import it back after the Windows fresh install.

  • @Ayespy
    Many thanks. Glad I can at least save my Settings and Sessions.


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