Philips Hue integration is ridiculous ...

  • ... and, to my amazement, I find I love it.

    Disgruntled with Firefox's performance, I just took Vivaldi out for a spin today, after a very cursory sample of a pre-release quite some time ago. I stumbled on the Philips Hue feature in the preferences and scoffed at the gimmick. Still, for giggles, I thought I'd try it. 30 seconds later I had two of the bloom lights in my room integrated with Vivaldi.

    Such a silly, gimmicky feature, and -- I can't believe I'm saying this -- for some reason I find I rather like it.

    First impressions of a trial switch to Vivaldi are remarkably impressive. I do have to give up some important things -- critically, tree-style tabs -- but so far I'm much further along in a serious switch from Firefox than I ever would have anticipated.

    So, congratulations to the Vivaldi team. Very nice work indeed.


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