Feature Request: Make "Open Link in New Background Tab" Top Option in Menu When Right-Clicking on Links

  • I understand the value in doing things differently. It gives users choice that makes a difference and isn't just a matter of choosing the browser with the nicest logo. So, I won't sit and rundown Vivaldi's decision to immediately switch focus to a new tab, and to move the "open in background tab", which is the same as the "open in new tab" option in normal browsers, down a spot when right-clicking on a link, simply because it's different.

    Instead, I'm going to say that it doesn't make sense because this is a browser designed for people who like to customize and have perhaps mildly atypical use cases and really work their browser by doing things like, for example, right clicking to open up a bunch of tabs that are links from a single website to read articles or forum threads and the like after closing the main page. That becomes a lot more difficult if you can't do a quick double-click on each link and need to wait for the context menu and select an option that's different from the one you've used on other browsers for as long as you've been using a browser.

    In other words, please put the "open link in new background tab" at the top of the right-click menu. 🙂 If that's really not something Vivaldi wants to do, then stay true to your mission of offering a highly customized browser and let users customize the right-click on links menu and move whatever they want to the top of the list (Guess which thing I would move to the top? 😉 ).

    I've searched, and there is a year old thread on this, and a two year old thread on this, and those are just the two results I got to. How many years in a row are people going to have to create this thread? 🙂 This is at least year three.

    I've been using Vivaldi as a "backup browser" for sites by other semi-obscure browser can't handle correctly, and even doing that, I still hit the wrong thing on the Vivaldi context menu often enough that it's frustrating and is causing me to consider using a different "backup" browser on my PC. I certainly wouldn't consider using Vivaldi full-time if this issue isn't resolved. It's a showstopper that really interferes with my workflow. I know I'm not alone in feeling that way.

    Anyway, I'm not complaining just to complain. I see sites more and more being coded only to work with Chrome- or at least to only work the Webkit/Blink engine. If that continues, it'll be hard to use browsers with other rendering engines. Guess what the best browser with a Webkit/Blink based rendering engine for my needs is? Vivaldi. So, I'm just writing in the hopes of getting it into shape so that on that apocalyptic day when there is only one rendering engine that lets you get to where you need to get on the web, I have somewhere decent to turn. 🙂 At that point, you guys will be the best bet for users like me.

  • Also, have you guys considered a "tabs below the URL bar but above the websites" option? One can currently move tabs everywhere but where they originally were when Firefox implemented them and where some users may have put them on other customizable browsers to the present. 🙂

  • I agree with this request. I am used to the top option being "open in background tab," and it forces a slight delay with every attempt to do this in Vivaldi.

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    @CharmCityCrab: Well, the founder of Vivaldi was the founder of Opera, which had tabs (called windows) years before there was any such thing as firefox. At that time, tabs were above the address bar. Later versions of Opera under Jon's management did enable the possibility of putting tabs right next to the web page below the address bar (by turning on a new toolbar above the tabs, dragging the addressbar and related buttons to that, and then turning off the address bar) but that was never the default.

    Ultimately, we may expect similar levels and flexibility of customization in Vivaldi, but there's a not of building to do yet, so there's no clear plan for such a thing right away.


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