[Resolved] Vivaldi doesn't remember webpage zoom after restart in 1.8

  • Before version 1.8 Vivaldi, If user was change "Webpage Zoom" for specific website so browser was remember those settings permanently and apply them automatically after browser restart.
    All other web browsers do the same and it's great!
    But, for some reason, this basic function doesn't work anymore in 1.8 version and it's very annoying.
    Please fix!

  • Maybe did you already check.. it's tab zoom checked in vivaldi settings? (write zoom in search box to see the option). In case, uncheck that.

  • @Hadden89 ...hmmm, yes i unchecked this option before, actually i was writing this topic with "tab zoom" disabled....
    but now, after your reply i tried again to turn on "tab zoom" and restart, then turn off "tab zoom" and restart ... and it works for now...
    My guess that last minor update, that was rolled out few days ago, was fixed this issue but required to recheck this option to work properly...
    Thank You.
    I will leave this topic for a few days before deleting to ensure that everything is alright.

  • The problem is solved.
    This topic can be deleted.

  • Moderator

    @Boombastic Nice to hear that your problem is solved.

    We do not delete solved topics but tag them as "Resolved".


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