Automatic Search when we push 'tab' button on Youtube etc

  • Hi, I really like the automatic search that is yield once we type the web address then push 'tab' button. Like on the Chrome browser. I love this browser very much, but the absence of this feature has been bothering me, and I'm so close to change my browser again back to Chrome.

  • So to sum it up,

    • you're (ab)using a "bug" in some other browser (what one can see as a feature, some other can see it as a bug, if that behaviour is not configurable)
    • come here to complain about that "bug" missing in this browser
    • "threaten" to return to other browser because there is no other reason to use this browser.

    Modus operandi seen thousands of times around here in the last year.


  • Moderator

    @ivanchristanno Do you want help, try to suggest a new feature or give us some critic about Vivaldi or what …? Please explain.

    If you are willing to test and use Vivaldi, please add such feature request at end of

    But if you want to complain that Chrome is better, please stay on Chrome.


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