Stuck on page 2 in Vivaldi Browser for Windows topics

  • I am stuck on page 2 in forum - tried back page - nothing... tried back arrow, forward arrow at bottom of page, page 1, page 3 , refresh the page, you name it. Went out of the forum to Home page, them back here and guess what? loads right up to the same page 2 and same new topics and ones I have read...

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    @arcover1: Clear cookies?

  • It's curious. I've run into this with Vivaldi for a very long time (since the first version?), but only on Vivaldi's Forum sites. If I navigate to the second or higher page number of an index page, attempting to get back to page #1 via the various arrows or page refreshment fails to move me off of page 2. Over time, I've instead developed two work arounds to bypass the issue: I've bookmarked page 1 of the Vivaldi forum index pages I usually visit and use those to jump back; or I simply edit the URL in the address box to the trailing term '' instead of whatever page number it's stuck on.

    I've never figured out what is the cause of this. It's occurred over many months with Vivaldi running extensions and without; with stable and snapshot versions; with multi-user installs and stand-alone, single-user installs; in admin and non-admin accounts; with cookies cleared and uncleared; and so on.

    I do perpetually use a session-only cookie setting with third-party cookies blocked, otherwise most browser settings are plain-vanilla... but months ago, I tried it with wide-open cookie settings and it didn't help, if I recall correctly. Actually, the whole issue is so 'stable' in its behavior and has been for so long, that I consider it one of those little minor quirks I've just learned to live with.

  • Never experienced this problem. It has to be caused by something inherent to your specific setup, or many more members would raise the issue.

  • @luetage said in Stuck on page 2 in Vivaldi Browser for Windows topics:

    ... It has to be caused by something inherent to your specific setup, or many more members would raise the issue.

    Perhaps... or maybe most members don't spend a lot of time navigating beyond the first index page and then trying to back up into it. I know that I don't run into it very often, mainly because I spend most of my forum time entirely on the first pages. A year or more ago, I recall there was a thread involving this issue in the forums with several other users encountering it or something similar, but I've been unable to search it back up.

  • I can't move beyond the first page. Attempts to move to the second page fade out the current topic list, then bring it back and scroll me to the bottom of the list where the page numbers are.

    So as far as I can tell, the forum only has one page of topics.

  • Hmm. Suddenly the Vivaldi forum navigation is working correctly on this system within the Vivaldi browser (at least, at the moment)! I can now back up from page 2 or higher in any of the 'normal' modes. Nothing was done on they system except restarting the Vivaldi browser, which is something I do periodically anyhow every few days if not sooner; previously that had no effect in clearing the problem.

    Sometimes the inconsistent behavior of electronics and digital systems defies the laws of physics... sigh!


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