Tabs not hibernating since v1.6

  • I use a late 2011 macbook pro (macos 10.12.4) which starts to slow down when several apps are open, so I've been keeping TM open and hibernating tabs when necessary. In the past, I could get all the tabs in Vivaldi to hibernate, and Vivaldi would stay open for days at a time.

    Recently, I've noticed in the Task Manager (TM) that not all the tabs would hibernate when requested. This has been going on since Chrome 56 was used as the base for Vivaldi (since v1.6 IIRC), and starts eating up resources, mostly memory. I'd end up having to close Vivaldi to free up the mac.

    I may have finally solved it by disabling "Throttle expensive background timers" in vivaldi://flags.

    Anyone else notice this?

  • UPDATE: disabling throttling flag does help, but doesn't fix it. Some tabs still end up as orphans after requesting hibernation, hogging memory all their memory, but little or no CPU. I logged a bug report a couple of days ago (VB-27441).

    The expected behaviour (based on before Vivaldi 1.6) was that when "Hibernate background tabs" is selected whilst on the start page should remove all tabs on the task manager from that window. This isn't happening anymore

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    Yes, Hibrnation has bug, the sleeping processes are not unloaded.
    That is already known.
    I hope after easter holidays the devs will have a look on this issue.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thanks for the update!

    Vivaldi has been my go-to browser for the past 12 months due to its rich user experience, but the memory hogging via tab non-hibernation has become a real source of frustration on my resource limited macbook pro. Looking forward to seeing this bug squashed soon.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Problem still present in v1.9, tabs not hibernating properly.

    Also, I have the address bar along the bottom. When I press the icon to the left of the URL, the dialog box opens below the address bar and off the screen (I filed a bug report for v1.8).

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