Annoying drag image issue

  • I'm trying Vivaldi and so far it's the best browser that I've used so far, the tab management is WAY better than in Chrome. I'm fresh off Chromium and I save a lot of images when browsing, but Vivaldi has a very annoying issue that other browsers don't have: when trying to click and drag an image, it selects it instead:

    alt text

    While in Chromium and other browsers, it can be dragged normally:

    alt text

    Vivaldi's image dragging behaves as it should when the image is the only thing in the page.
    Is there a way to make image dragging behave like in Chromium?

  • For some reason the images didn't worked, this is what I meant
    Vivaldi image click + drag
    Chromium image click + drag

  • @mono
    Not sure what happen in you Windows side.

    But here Linux/Debian sid amd64.
    All I've done is, wait till whole page finish (wait till the X icon back to Reload icon), then I could Click+Drag to anywhere.

    And, page with many images

  • @dLeon Weird, I can drag the image just fine like in your imgur example, but I can't like in your listverse example. This only happens in Vivaldi, Chromium and Palemoon image dragging works as it should.

  • @mono
    Try to Click Hold+Drag Down (Drag Up), seem this the most reliable way in Vivaldi.

    Just after reading your last post, I manage to reproduce the dragging issue here in this forum, with my own screenshots above. This if I do Click Hold + Drag Left/Right.

  • @dLeon Thanks, that seems to work! I hope there's still an option to make it drag images with click + left/right movement.

  • It's just as with links, drag drop -- up-down, select -- left-right. I'd say this is intentional.


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